Checking in on Your 2018 Resolutions

How are you doing on your resolution?  Do you even remember them?

As we finish our first full we of 2018, I thought it might something a little different to see if any changes have happened in the past seven days?

I’m sure many of you think I’m a smartass for asking about your resolutions already.  The fact is 30% have already forgotten and given up their resolutions. 80% will completely give up their resolutions by the end of March – just 12 weeks away.

So I ask because I care and want to help you live your best life and doing that means keep the promise you made to yourself.  It’s important to remember just because we weren’t successful this time, doesn’t mean we can make a better plan and approach our resolution in a different way.

If your resolution has fallen by the wayside or you’re feeling the struggle to maintain is difficult, here are some way support you moving forward.

10 tips to keep your resolution on track

  1. You can make your resolutions anytime you want.  There is nothing special about New Year other than the date on the calendar changes.  Resolutions are made all the time all year long – we just call them something different.   “Getting shape for vacation”  
  2. Make one resolution at a time.  The chances you’re going to stop smoking, go to the gym and start eating healthy, just isn’t going to happen if you are doing any of them right now.
  3. Set a realistic goal.  If you’ve just joined the gym – congratulations!  Are you planning to go every day?  If you said yes, you just made my point.  A week ago you didn’t even have a membership and now you’re going every day?  If you want to go every day great – amazing, but why set the goal for every day.  Make the goal two or three days a week if you make two great and if you make five excellent and if you make all seven keep up the great work you’re an overachiever.   if you only made it one day, you were halfway to your goal, so congratulations and try a little harder next week.
  4.  Don’t keep trying failed resolutions.  For the last three years you’ve made the resolutions to lose weight, only fail within the first few weeks of months of the new year.  My suggestion is to make a small change.  Try drinking more water, most of never drink enough water.   Eat less packaged food and cook fresh food at home.  Learn about meal prepping, it can be a lifesaver for those of us all ways on the go.
  5. Don’t base your goal on what everyone else is doing.  This would seem pretty basic, but you would be surprised the number of people who choose a resolution because they saw it on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.
  6. Break your goal into a series steps.   Take a series of little steps is the best way to reach a larger goal.   If you want to run a marathon, you don’t start by running 26 miles.  You start by running a mile, maybe even walking that first mile. Take small steps to build up your strength and stamina.  Small steps work with every resolution. 
  7. Reward yourself for achieving your every step.  Every time you complete a step reward your self.  Maybe you’ve run a mile every day for a week.   New Sneakers might be a nice reward.
  8. Tell your friends and family about your resolution.  Speaking you resolution to family and friends can be very empowering.   They can offer support and encouragement.   Explain the small steps you’re taking and tell them how they can help. 
  9. Journal you plans and progress.   Much like speaking your resolution to your family and friends, writing a journal with your plans and progress is a great way to empower your resolution. 
  10. Remind yourself of the benefits.   There is always more than one benefit to a resolution.  Write a list of the benefits and keep them someplace where you can see them. 

Bounce Tip

Set-backs will happen but that’s no reason to give up.  Every day can’t be sunshine, rainy days are necessary.   No resolution is going to move forward without a couple of small setbacks.  The bigger question is how are you going to respond to those small set back.  A positive response will keep those set back small, punishing yourself for not being perfect will blow up your resolution.  Be gentle and kind to yourself, you trying to change your life, not your shoes.

I hope these tips help you maintain or get your resolutions back on track.  If you having trouble keeping your resolutions, I’m here to support and help you.  Feel free to set up a coaching session today and let get you back on track to your best life.