3 Ways for a less Stressful Holiday Season!

The Holiday Season is in full swing.  Hanukkah has started, Christmas and Kwanza are just days away and for many of us, our to-do list doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller.   All of this can lead to a  lot of holiday stress and really who needs stress during the holidays.

Here are three things I’ve found that have worked for me in helping relieve Holiday Stress!

Slow Down

I know that sounds crazy with everything on your list but really slow down take a breath and give yourself a break.

The one thing I’ve learned over the years is, there are things on my holiday to-do list that just might not get done.

  • Holiday cards may not be sent to everyone we received them from
  • A gift for my Gardner or Hair Stylist may not be under the tree
  • The 12 type of holiday cookies may not get mad.

And you know what!  The world will not end and holidays will not be ruined.

Now, you can priorities a few things.  Make a list or two.  Get organized a little more, but in the end, everything may not get done and it’s really ok.  Really it’s ok.

I can offer you a couple tricks

I put everything on a calendar I find a simple monthly planner works best.  If you don’t have one print out just the month of December.

  • I like seeing everything in front of me, which is difficult on my phone.
  • Writing things down helps me think about the time something is going to take.
  • Planning allows me to to do multiple things on one trip.  ie.  Need to pick up a gift at XYZ store,  maybe a gift certificate for my hair stylist and hey, there’s a bakery next door – Extra Christmas Cookies!

Another thing I do is my Christmas cards in batches, usually about 6-10 a week.

  • After Thanksgiving, I write out cards to family and close friends,  maybe 20 cards.  These are the people I send cards to no matter what.
  • Then every Saturday up to the week before Christmas I send a card to anyone who sent us a card, who wasn’t on my original list.
  • I keep a list of everyone I got a card from for the following year.  Remove anyone I feel should come off the list and put it in my planner for next November.

My last suggestion on slowing down during the holidays is learning to say no.  I say no more often around the holidays than any other time of the year.    My time is important and I have a lot of things to do, so no I’m not going to doing every holiday party, luncheon and gift swap.

Take Time for Yourself

This really comes from the last suggestion above – saying no.  It’s really important to take time for yourself during the holidays to relax and get recharged.

My husband and I try and take long weekend someplace. we both have crazy schedules, so reconnecting especially during the holidays is really important. This year we spend a couple of day in Disneyland.  It was beautiful seeing the lights and decorations, but most of all it was wonderful to just spend quality time with my husband.

So whether you take a long weekend, day trip or hot bath.  Mark a couple of dates and times on the monthly planner that is just for you.  You’ll be amazed at how refreshed you’ll feel after a good massage!

Live in the Moment

So often we are so concerned with what happens next or saving the moment on our phone that we actually miss the moment altogether.  I love taking pictures and videos, but sometime my memory of the event will be so much better than any photo or video.

If you want to catch the reaction of your kid opening their Christmas presents, fantastic.  Videotape the big special present they really wanted, not sweater or socks.  Be present on Christmas not behind some screen.

Don’t worry about a schedule.  Trust that everything that needs to happen will happen.  Know in your heart that whatever happens good or bad will create memories for a lifetime, long after the video has been deleted.

Now go celebrate the season and may there be peace on earth!