5 Ways to Make Spring the Power Season

Spring has sprung!  What are you doing to make sure you enjoy this amazing time of year to the fullest.

Five things to really take advantage of this season of new beginnings.

Daylight Savings –  This is a great time to take advantage of an early sunrise to start your day a little earlier.  More than once we’ve seen an article or post that talks about the benefits of getting up early and having a morning routine.  Spring is a great time to start these routines.  Here is an article I enjoyed about creating a morning routine.

Sunshine – The March Equinox welcomes the sun into the northern hemisphere, which means more sunshine.  While to much sun is never a good thing, getting a little sun can help with vitamin D levels, your energy, and mood. Here’s a little reading on the benefits of the sun.

Warmer Temperatures – Longer Days and more sunshine lead to warmer temperatures.  Spring is a great time to get back outside and enjoy a morning or evening walk.  Take a bike ride through the park.  Whatever you do, do a little more of it outside.  Here is an article listing 11 benefits from being outside.

Trees and Flowers – Some may think of this as allergy season, which may be true for some.  However, you have to agree, the Cherry Blossoms, and Spring Flowers are beautiful!

2017 Cherry Blossoms
2017 Cherry Blossoms
2017 Spring Flowers
2017 Spring Flowers





There is just something about the smell of fresh blooms!






Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – Farmer’s Markets will start to burst with amazing spring fruits and vegetables.  Seasonal cooking is all the rage at most restaurants and you create your own amazing dishes with fresh local produce. Here are a few of my favorite recipes.

How are you making this you power season?  What do you do to enjoy Spring?

What do you do to enjoy Spring?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!