A New Year brings New Opportunities

2017 is finally here!  A perfect time to each of us to reflect on, what is going right,  what may need attention and the opportunities on the horizon.

I’d like to take a moment to talk about what’s going right, what needs some attention and the opportunities I see on my horizon.

Let’s start with what’s going right.

  • Personally, I’ve never been happier or felt more settled and at peace with myself.
  • Professionally things are going well.  Our first full year in our new space has been our best ever.
  • This Blog is going well.  I’m surprised at how much fun it is and how much I enjoy writing it!  I hope you enjoy it, as well!

Things needing a little attention:

  • My health.  I need to focus more on my health this year.  Whether it be eating better, exercising more or what have you.
  • My closet.  I’ve been reading a lot about capsule wardrobes.  I don’t think I will actually go to a capsule wardrobe, but I will be minimizing my clothes down to things I really love and wear.  Bye Bye Platform Pumps!
  • Re-designing websites: I own five websites.  One is in desperate need of a major redesign and update.  A second just needs a few tweaks in the design and layout, while the other three just require regular attentions.
  • My coaching practice.  While I have a wonderful practice, I want to focus more on a specific area of coaching.  I want to work with clients looking to transition and become their authentic selves.  It’s a passion I have and need to focus more on those type of clients.

Opportunities on my Horizon:

  • Blog Expansion – I want to write and talk about more about having a great Life.  Fashion, Beauty, Food, Wellness, whatever comes to mind.
  • Podcast.  While I enjoy writing, I enjoy talking even more.  So be on the look out for my podcast coming in 2017.
  • Videos.  Where there’s a podcast, videos can be too far behind and I have a few things splashing around.
  • Travel.  I love to travel and I see more of it in my year ahead.  Travel for me is both relaxing and exhilarating.

So as you can read I have plenty on my plate, maybe even too much.  But what fun is life if we don’t have a challenge in front us.

What’s going right for you?  What adjustments will you make?  What opportunities are on your horizon?

Feel free to dropping me a comment, I’d love to hear and connect with you!