About Me

Change is HARD! Change your diet is hard! Changing your job, home, school or relationship can feel like an impossible task. The idea of going from the known to the unknown is more than hard. It can be downright confusing and terrifying.

When a major life transition is taking place knowing your true authentic self is critical.

What’s at your core?
Where are your lines in the sand?


Trust me.  I know.  I’ve gone through a number of profound transitions.  I used to think “Transition” was my middle name.  I’ve learned many life lessons and transition-lessons along the way, and all by the way personal experience.  I know how difficult it can be.

Like most of us, I’ve been in transition from the moment I was born, but little did I know how much of a transition I would have to make to truly find my authentic self.  However, even at a young age, I knew my core beliefs which helped me on my journey.

cropped-Aejaie.jpgMy transition to my authenticity started with a letter to Santa Claus. See, I was born biologically male.

One Christmas, at the age of five, I asked Santa to be a  little girl for Christmas.  On Christmas morning I awoke not the little girl I dreamt of but knowing in my heart this was my path.

The gift never arrived under the tree, but it did send me on a sometimes scary but wonderful and rewarding journey.

Over the 35-years following my transition, I lived in five different states, twelve different cities, and I can’t even count the number of apartments, condos, and houses.   I was in a constant state of change. That’s what I knew.  But I never felt whole, and something was always missing. I just kept trying out a new me, and always ending up feeling a little fuller, but never complete.

Thankfully, I was finally able to make a breakthrough. Over the last 10 years, I have found my place of power, peace, and prosperity. I found my “home”: the place of my life’s purpose, what I was meant to be, and where my life-energy was meant to be spent.

I believe my life’s purpose was to go through a very difficult, and sometimes emotionally difficult path to make me uniquely able to teach, mentor, and coach around life transition and change – going from the known to the unknown.

Helping people through change and self-discovery is where I found my life’s purpose and my Authentic-Self, and it is also how you found me.

If you’re going through a difficult change or major transition in your life, let me support, encourage and help guide you; I want to help you find your place of power, peace, and prosperity.

You can read more about my personal journey, here.

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