My Personal Journey

My personal journey as you read started with a letter to Santa Clause when I was 5 years old.   That present wasn’t under the tree, but it did set me on my life’s journey.

I started my physical transition in 1981, as a senior in High School with the support of my family and friends.  After completing my transition and attending College, I still had much to learn about who I was, what my likes and dislikes were, and what made me smile and really feel alive –

I was on a quest for my Authentic Self!


Over the next 20 years, I would live in five different states, twelve different cities and I can’t even count the number of apartments, condominiums, and houses.  You see, I was living in a constant state of change and transition.  Change and transition became my main focus in life, and along with upheaval, they were all I knew. Despite when things would feel good or comfortable on the surface, things just never felt right inside. Fear would gradually build and take over, and inevitably I would cause more change.   Along the way, I learned many life lessons and transition-lessons, and almost all by the path of hard-knocks. Fortunately for me, I never stopped asking what could make me feel whole, settled, and authentic. I never stopped searching to understand the person inside me that was the other half of the whole being in union with the female body.

My loves
My husband Tony and I with our Lakeland Terrier Andy

I found my answers in Santa Clara, CA, a place I’ve called home for the last ten years.  I love Santa Clara, but it was more about the energy, the people and yes the weather!  It was where I met and married my husband. It’s where I found my calling to work with people who fight and struggle with transition and change.  It’s where I support and encourage those who are just overwhelmed by the process and havoc that transition and change bring into their lives.

In the end, I learned my authentic self, was present the whole time. What I was truly searching for was my voice and a way to express my authentic self to the world.  I believe my life’s purpose was to go through a very difficult and sometimes emotionally torturous path to make me uniquely able to give back, teach, mentor and coach around transition. I found my voice so that I can help you find yours.

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