The perfect time for the Farmer’s Market

My husband and I are fortunate to live in Santa Clara, CA.   One of the benefits is our Saturday morning Farmer’s Market.  Every week, rain or shine year round we can go and get some of the best produce around.

Every week, rain or shine year round we can go and get some of the best produce around.

Spring is one of my favorite time of the year at the Farmer’s Market with all the spring vegetables like spinach, swiss chard, arugula, beets, broccoli, and cauliflower.  OMG, here are some great recipes for cauliflower pizza crust, from one of my favorite sites

Fresh from the Farmers Market

However, even with all of these fabulous vegetables, the Farmer’s Market in Spring really means one thing – Freash Fruits!  Let’s start with the Strawberries, big juicy and amazing.  The Cherries are dark red and delicious.  The Peaches are fuzzy and sweet.  While the Blueberries are just bursting with color and taste.

Now I know, not everyone lives in California, but Famer’s Markets are held in most communities around the country.  I also know, a lot of people don’t like shopping at their local farmer’s market because they feel it is too expensive.  My argument to that is, You’ll spend money on gym membership and bottled water, why wouldn’t you what to spend your money on the best produce you can get your hands on?  You want to know the person teaching your child and working on your car, Why wouldn’t you not what to know the person who is growing your food?

The fact is while the prices might be a bit higher, the quality is also higher  and we are what we eat.

The other great thing about the Farmer’s Market is everything is seasonal, so you get what is in season in your area.  Which mean everything you’re getting is at its peak.

So what are you finding at your local Farmer’s Market?