Finding the Beauty

I walk past this Big Metal Chicken (Rooster) almost everyday while out walking my dog.

The owners paints and dress this chicken for most seasons.

Presently, as you can see my favorite Chicken is ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day!  I suppose they could have styled him for the Super Bowl, as it’s being played right around the corner from us, but I’m kind of glad they didn’t – Valentine’s is a much more positive and universal celebration.

For Christmas, they styled him as Rudolph the Red Nosed Big Metal Chicken.  Personally, I loved the antlers and the nose that glowed at night.


While it’s great seeing the Big Metal Chicken change and celebrate the seasons.  I think the think I enjoy most is seeing the creativity and beautiful created and shared with us all to see – well at least those of us who go by.  I plan on posting any new styles the Big Metal Chicken takes on in the months ahead.

It’s the small things that makes the world a beautiful place, like a Big Metal Chicken!