What habits are you adding in 2018?

2017 is ready to make an exit stage left while 2018 is knocking on the door.  Many people like to think of the new year as a great time to set resolutions for the new year.  Personally, I’m not a big resolution fan, I prefer to look for new habits I would like to add to my life.   The beauty of adding new habits as opposed to resolutions is habits to all have to happen at one time.  Habits are something to can work at, all year long.  Which is actually how habits become part of our daily lives.

Here are the habits I’ll be working.
  1. Exercise – I walk about 4-5 miles every day.  I am looking to add the habit of getting to the gym twice a week.  I know my schedule make give me a few challenges, but I also understand the importance of making this habit a part of my life.
  2. Meditation – I meditate daily, in the evening before bed.  I find it very relaxing and sends me into a peaceful sleep.  I’ve enjoyed the positive aspects of meditation, so I’m looking to bring the habit into my daily routine.  I’m not sure where I’m going to add a few minutes of meditation daily.  The beauty is I can add it in the morning or afternoon, but daily meditation is the goal.
  3. Writing – While I wrote a lot more in 2017, I’m looking to get into the habit of writing at least one blog post a week.  While I may not be long posts.  Writing a  weekly post should not be a stretch.  The more I getting into the habit of writing the easier it will become.
  4. Eat to power to mind and body – I’ve mentioned before that I Hashimoto’s disease,  which is an autoimmune disease where feeling lethargic and weight gain can be side effects.  So the idea of finding foods that make me feel better both physically and mentally.  There is a certain amount of effort that will need to take place, so I’m looking forward to cooking more in the new year!
  5. Be Grateful – While I’m pretty good at being grateful for all of the wonderful things going on my in my life.   Be grateful on a daily basis would be a great addition to my daily routine.  This is one of the easiest habits I’m looking to add to my life, but still, it will take a little work to do it every day even for the little things.  Sometime and the most important things
  6. Stretch myself – This will be the big challenge of the new habits I’m looking to add.  While I may not do something every day.  I do look forward to getting out of my comfort zone at least on a monthly basis.