A Hair Color Correction

Women are obsessed with their hair.   What color, how long, how short and how fast can I get it done in the morning?  How many hours do we spend getting it cut, colored, permed, pinned and pony-tailed?  We all want beautiful hair and it’s amazing what we’ll do for it.   Men are just as obsessed!  My husband has a special brand of shampoo and conditioner and several styling products.   But what if we’re chasing the wrong thing?

I spent years going every four weeks to get my hair colored.  At first, it was to lighten my ends. My natural color was too dark for my skin tone. Then it was the battle of the gray.  My 50th birthday it all changed.  I decided at 50, I would no longer color my hair.  Whatever color grew out of my head, I would lovingly accept.

Two years to the day of that decision this is what my hair looks like.

white-hairIt’s closer to a white, than a gray.   My mother, as she has the same color.

I get so many compliments on the color.  People ask all the time for the color formula.  I tell them then to ask my parents because I had nothing to do with it.  Haha

The time and money I spent chasing a color in my mind were crazy.  Only to have the color already in my head .