Holiday Cheer

As we come into this holiday weekend.  I want to wish everyone the happiest of holidays.

This time of year should bring out the best in each of us, but it doesn’t always seem to be that way.  To help make sure you’re smiling angel and not a grumpy grinch.

I have a couple of self-love idea to keep you in the right frame of mind.

  1.  Take a few minutes to yourself every morning- I suggest 30 minutes,  but if you can only get 10 take it!
  2. Drink more water and then have another glass
  3. Get 30 minutes of exercise – take a walk alone in the morning to start the day or in evening to look at holiday lights!
  4. Try something new; a new recipe, cocktail, radio station, exercise routine or jogging/walking route.
  5. Read a little bit more, something you enjoy – even it’s just your favorite magazine.
  6. Wear clothes that make you happy and comfortable.  Same goes for shoes.
  7. Get to bed a little bit earlier – even 30 minutes can make a difference!

Whatever you do, be kind to yourself, it a holiday of celebration and cheer.

IT’S NOT about perfection!

Relax and enjoy – Remember this year’s catastrophe will be a great holiday story for years to come! help

Looking for a few new things to try? Here are some Holiday Cocktail and Holiday Cookie Recipes