I Am – How will you answer?

I am _______

These are the two most powerful words in the universe when they come together.  These two words can create a world of endless possibilities.

The statement “I am” is the base for self-love.

Fill in the blank, “I AM ______________”

What word did you use?  Was it one of these?

I AMI am…









“I am” can be the beginning of many amazing things when utilized correctly.

However, like everything in the universe there is always an opposite so pay attention to  when and how you use “I am” statements and make sure they are factual and reflect positively on you.

When you make a mistake and say “I am so stupid”.  The fact is you’re not stupid, you made a mistake, acknowledge the mistake and move on – attaching the mistake to your self-worth is not appropriate or necessary.   We wouldn’t let someone else call us stupid, then why do we allow ourselves?

Spend some time today with “I am” and see where it takes you.

Are you kind to yourself or your worst critic?

Are you giving yourself the “I am” Self-Love you deserve?

What’s your “I am” statement for today?