I love you, oh and you too

I Love You – Three words we all want to hear.

These words are especially important when coming from the people who care and support us.

But why are we always look outside of ourselves for this reassurance?  Yes, I understand we all want to be loved.  But being loved starts on inside, with us.

Imagine if you said “I love you” to yourself, as often as you wanted to hear it from someone.

What would your day look like, feel like if you said “I love you” to yourself;

First thing in the morning, at lunch, on the drive home and right before you fall asleep?

Half-way through your workout?

While you’re driving to work?

After that long meeting?

During your working lunch?

While sitting at your desk?

Drive home after a long day?

and right before you fall asleep?

I know some may read this and think I’m crazy.   But let me ask you if you won’t say I love you to yourself when you need it most, isn’t it crazy to expect someone else to say it for you?

The real beauty of this exercise is the awareness that comes when you truly understand the powerful those three words have.  When used as a practice you develop empathy for those in your life and power “I love you” holds coming from you.  The words take on new meaning when you have created powerful intention or internal connection and that is what this is all about.  Taking three little words and making them so powerful they can bring people to tear and the greatest joy at the same time.