My World of Wealth

Earlier this year, I spoke about my Daily Mantra – Health, Wealth, Happiness.

I also wrote specifically about what the Health portion of the mantra meant to me.

Today I want to touch on the Wealth portion of my mantra.

I’m sure most of your are saying well, of course, we all want to be wealthy, who doesn’t.  I don’t disagree with you either, but my mantra around wealth is much more than money.  While money is great and wonderful, it is just a means to an end.  No one wants money to have money,  people want money to spend it, save it, and share it.  So while money is great, being wealthy is something much larger.

For me it’s not only what I can buy or share, but how I feel.  What experiences can I create?  I don’t need a lot of money to create an amazing experience.   Wealth is about feeling abundant and prosperous.  For many of us travel give us that feeling.  For others, it may be eating fantastic food, drinking great wine, or listening to beautiful music.  Take spending time in nature, it doesn’t cost a lot, but can make you feel at peace and relaxed and isn’t that worth something – I know it’s worth something to me.

Feeling wealthy  is also about the relationships in our lives.   The relationship we have with our spouse, family, and friends.  These people bring  richness, warmth, and love to our lives.   Human contact is such an important part of who we are, we have to consider ourselves wealthy.

Having good health is a sign of wealth we should not take for granted.  There are some many people who don’t have access to fresh food, water, and healthcare, you can not have those luxuries without feel wealthy.

Living your life on your terms for me is a huge sign of wealth.  I’m able to work for myself, live in a city I enjoy and do the things I love – so I am Wealthy

I truly believe we need to look for the wealth in our lives and be amazed and grateful for how wealth we are.