National Wine Day

Wine DayToday is National Wine Day!  Who knew?  I have several friends and sister-in-law who are happy to celebrate this fine day.

So while you sit back, relax and take a sip if you like and I have one small suggestion to make the celebration even sweeter!

Whether you’ve had a great day or the worst day you could imagine, spend a couple minutes reflecting on the best parts of the day – no matter how small they were.  here’s a couple to get you started

My first cup of Coffee/Tea was perfect!

My dog always makes me smile.

My partner took a chore off my plate today. (taking out garbage, cooking/grabbing dinner, put dishes away)

I’m sipping on a fantastic glass of wine!

You see one positive thought leads to a second and soon you are creating positive energy.  Positive energy leads to momentum and momentum will move us forward with little effort.  What better way to improve your day than with one little thought and practically no effort – you did have to pour the glass of wine, after all.

As you sit and enjoy your glass of wine on this National Day of Wine, take a moment and ask yourself  “What made today Great?”

What made your day great?  What are you grateful for today?  What kind of wine did you have?

Here’s a link to one of my favorite wineries.

I would love to hear it all!