Do you need a bigger plate or just less on it?

This is the time of year we have a tendency to put a bit too much on our plate – both literally and figuratively.

We celebrate the holidays and load our plate and glasses with amazing food and beverage.

We  over-committee ourselves with commitments leading to a stressful environment during the most joyous time of the year.  In our rush to tend to projects, people, and things, we forget how sacred and precious our bodies are.  But nothing can rob us of self-love and worthiness faster than letting our bodies go.

Nothing can steal more from our joy of the season than running your body down with to much stress, overindulging and lacking in sleep.    When we forget to  treat our body with love and worthiness, we find it more difficult to maintain a healthy perspective.

During this most festive time of the year, give a little extra attention to love your body inside and out.   Drink an extra glass of water,  take a walk and enjoy the sights.  Doing so will not only leave you feeling better, but will help ensure you have the energy for the holidays.

Take a moment and get in tune with your body.  Listen to what your body is asking for – hear is a couple of suggestions.

  • Take three deep breaths – in through the nose out through the mouth.
  • Meditate for a couple of minutes in the morning
  • What is your body asking for?  water, sleep, food, exercise or maybe a massage?
  • Select something to do just for yourself every day.

I wish you and yours a joyous and happy holiday season.

Interested in becoming more in tune with your body – Try a Complimentary Coaching Session with me.  I’ll be happy to walk you through a couple of relaxation process and help reconnect you to your body this holiday season.