Welcome to my podcast.   I host a podcast twice a month.

The first episode is dedicated to my philosophy of TLC4Life.

T – Teach what you know so other can benefit

L – Learn something new every day.

C – Create something the world with benefit from.

The Second episode is called  “Ask Aejaie”

I answer your questions around transition or anything else you might ask.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to send me your thoughts and questions


5 Things That Might Be Holding Back Your Transition

We all want our Transition to happen as fast and smoothly as possible.  We want nothing to get in our way or hold us back.  Naturally, there are some things that happen that are completely out of our control that slow down our progress.    Many times the things holding us back is ourselves. Here are …

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Wigs: Your Questions Answered, Human vs. Synthetic

I get asked questions about wigs all the time.  So I though today’s “Ask Aejaie” would be all about wigs!  Here are the questions I’ll answer in this post and podcast. Should you buy a human hair wig or synthetic? Why is there such a wide range in wig prices? Which type of wig will …

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The TLC4Life Podcast!

TLC4Life is my podcast for the Transgender community.  The focus will be on how we Teach each other, Learn from each other and Create with each other for a wonderful and fulfilling life. This first podcast is an introduction to TLC4Life. We will talk about anything and everything. Here are a few subject areas: Transition …

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