The Passing of an Icon

Most people who know me, know I’m not the biggest music fan.  Don’t get me wrong I love, music, I’m just not one of those people who always has music playing.  I don’t have a huge collection of albums or iTunes and, I definitely couldn’t not tell you what’s in the top five on any music chart.

Today is different, today I’m a huge music fan.  Today, Roger Nelson passed away.  You may not know him by his given name, but you might know him by his stage name – Prince.

Prince died today at the age of 57 at his home in Minnesota.

It’s wasn’t until I heard of his death today and started hearing all of the music tributes that I realized how much of an impact he had no my life.

The first song I remember from Prince was in 1979 when I was in high school  – “I want to be your lover”  A great song and great video. Then, of course, there was “Sexy Dancer”, “Do Me Baby”, “Uptown” and  one of my favorites “Controversy”

Then in 1982,  the year I graduated high school, we spent the summer grooming to the album  “1999”.  A classic to this day.  So many great songs came off that album, “1999”, ” Little Red Corvette”, “Delirious”

Then came college and in 1984, Prince and The Revolution took the world by storm with the album “Purple Rain”.  Every song on this album can carry me back to a specific place and time in College.

“Let’s go Crazy”, “Take Me with You”, “Darling Nikki”, “I would Die 4 U”,  “Baby I’m a Star” and of course “When Doves Cry” and “Purple Rain” – What an amazing album!

The music just kept on coming and making memories.

“Raspberry Beret” 1985, “Kiss” 1986,  “U Got the Look” 1987, “BatDance” 1989, “Thieves in the Temple” 1990, “Creme” 1991, “Sexy MF” 1992

I could go on, but I really just want to sit back and listen to a Music Icon – do what he does best – make me want to dance with a smile on my face!

Thank You, Prince for providing me with a lifetime of memories.

I would love to hear what’s your favorite Prince Song or Album?