The Process of Re-Centering

I need to re-center myself!  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about stress. But how do you deal with life when stress is the only thing showing up.   I kissed September and my month of stress good-bye.  My birthday month arrived greeting me with allergies, sleepless night from coughing and laryngitis to complete my trifecta.  So I repeat, I seriously need to get re-centered!

What does re-centered mean?  It means different things to different people.  Here is what it means to me.

The first think, I need to refocus on my morning routine.  The fact a family member has moved into our house I expected some change to my routine.  Unfortunately,  I’ve allowed my routine to be tossed out the window and that is just not ok, for me or those who live in the house with me.

To change this and get back on track I’ll be focusing on taking my morning and getting to a quiet space to think, write and enjoy my private time.

Along with my morning routine, my diet has also gone to crap.  Leaving me feeling bloated and sluggish.

To fix this I have to stay on top of what goes in my mouth.  Stress sends me to quick meals, so I need to take the time to plan my meals and put the focus on nutrition.

My level of exercise has decreased due to an increase in needing to be available to appointments for our house guest.  My morning walk with help, but I need to schedule my gym time.  I need to physically write gym time into my schedule.

My sleep has been hit or miss with my allergies in full bloom.  While there are a couple of allergy medication I can use, doing a bedtime meditation always helps me get prepared for sleep.  So more meditation, that can never be a bad thing!

Please wish me luck as I look to re-center and focus on myself the rest of this month.

What do you do when you’re out of allignment, I would love to hear!