A Life of Simple, Easy, Joy

A month ago I wrote about how I was lost in life.  Now, I’m back to my life of simple, easy, joy.

I know what your thinking.  What the hell is that?  Well, let me tell you.


Life can be simple if we spend our time living and not obsessing, overthinking and making it complicated.   When we take a moment and realize the only thing we really have any control over is ourselves, life becomes really simple.   You can’t make things happen, you can’t change the someone’s mind and you can’t stop time.

So when you finally stop and look at what you can control – yourself.  Life becomes simple.  My thoughts, choices, and action, it can’t much more simple than that!


Once you’ve started making life simple, with your thoughts, choices, and actions.  The next step is living life easy.  This is all about making decisions around your thoughts, choices, and action.

An easy way to do this, no pun intended, is to ask yourself a couple of questions?

How does this present situation affect my Joy?  You’ll understand this question more in a moment.

What feeling do you want when it’s over?What feels best in the present situation?    Choosing the ones that feel best will make the results so much better.

What feels best in the present situation?    Choosing the ones that feel best will make the results so much better.

Once you’ve answered these questions you’ll start to find thoughts, choices or actions that will lead you to your desired outcome.

Now, I understand there are times when the choice in front of you may not seem enjoyable or positive.   but the questions will lead you to a much more positive result.  It may not be the perfect result but life isn’t perfect. Which is where our third component comes in.


Now that you have simplified the what you control and are at ease with the decision-making process the last piece to this puzzle is finding joy.

What brings you Joy?  What makes you smile?  What in your life do you want to jump out of bed for?

These are the things we want more of in our lives.  However, many of us have been taught to put our own pleasure, happiness, and joy aside.  To focus on other things, in many cases things that make others happy.  Where is simplicity and ease in that?

Joy is the end game.  Joy brings us peace and sense of being centered.  So the more joy you have in your life the better your life will be.

So take some time and focus on the Simple, Easy, Joy!

If you would like more information about bringing this process into your life, consider a 30-minute complimentary coaching session with me.  I can help you identify your joy, focus your thoughts, choices, and actions and help you understand how your decisions and reaction relate to your joy with ease.