One Small Step can lead to A Major Shift

Sometimes taking a small step or making a small change can be the cause of a major shift in the not so distant future.

I had one of those moments just the other night.

It was about 11:30 pm and I was taking the dog outside in the backyard before going to bed.  As we went out the back door you could feel the wind blowing and hear it moving the branches in the trees.  I could hear the faint sound of traffic from the not so near highway.   Up above I could see stars dancing in the sky as clouds, reflecting moonlight slid by.  There was a plane flying off to some far off destination.    In that moment, it was once again hit with my smallness, my humanity, on this planet earth,  orbiting the Sun in our Solar System among the billions Stars and Suns in the Milky Way Galaxy among the billions of galaxies in our Universe.  It all pretty amazing.

So while I was standing in my backyard, looking up at the stars, each of you were doing something different, but yet we are all connected.

Everything is interconnected to everything else.  This connected oneness was so apparent and obvious.  I stood in my backyard just in awe of it all.  For the short moment, I felt the moving energy of the universe.

I know we all live out our individual lives, but we are not separate.   Like a pebble tossed into a glassy lake, the ripples are spread outward and felt by many.  As with the pebble, every choice we make causes ripples.

Maybe you’ve heard of the butterfly effect.

The butterfly effect is a concept that states that “small causes can have larger effects”.

You can experiment with The butterfly effect by using a very simple system like throwing dice.  The randomness of each outcome is dependent on the small differences in initial conditions—the precise direction, thrust, and orientation of the throw.  These small difference significantly affect the dice paths and outcomes, which makes it virtually impossible to throw a dice exactly the same way twice.

I often hear clients talk about randomness or time their transition is taking.  The movement doesn’t seem consistent.  Yes, there are times when it feels like you’re not going anywhere, but you are. Change takes time, focus and patients.

The key is to remember this,


So even though you’re only taking small steps, be thankful you’re going in the right direction.