So long September!

September is coming to a close and I have to say I’m happy to see it end.

the month of September has been a very stressful and melodically month.  Three friends and one former client died this month.  A family member and dear friend both injured separately and needing surgery.

All of these things coming at me in September from different angles differently challenged me to stay centered.  It’s hard enough to keep everything moving in the right direction, but with all of these added stressors, wow.  I really have to thank my morning routine for keeping me focused and moving in the right direction.

Here are few of things I do every day to keep myself focused and centered.

I typically wake up between 6:30 am and 7:15 am.  Actually, I get woken up by the all the activity in my house.  My husband, who is at the gym every morning at 4:45am, is getting ready for work.  Our dog who has had breakfast is ready for his walk.  And our two cats want the bed for themselves.

I head to the bathroom, take my morning medication.  My medication needs to take it at least an hour before I eat.  Rinse my face with cool water, apply clear aloe gel gently around my eye, brush my teeth and hair.

Then I head back into the bedroom to get dressed for the dog’s walk, which is typically between two and two and a half miles.  This takes about forty-five minutes to an hour, depending on how many neighbors we run into.

Once I’m back from the dog walk, I turn on the water for a cup of tea or make coffee.  While the water gets hot or coffee is brewing, I sit down and write in my gratitude journal.  I start every entry in the journal the same way “I am happy, grateful and thankful for all of the many blessings in my life.”  Then I go on to list at least five people, places, or things I have gratitude for from the last 24 or I’ve been thinking about.  September, as you can well imagine has been full of many thankful memories and grateful opportunities with my friends who have passed on.

As I drink my morning beverage, I open my calendar and plan out what I want my day to look like. Yes, I still use a Life Planner, mine is from Erin Condren.  I went back to one about a year ago.  It’s fun to look back and see the notes, scribbles, and random thoughts, that were written  down over the year.

Planning out my day, setting an intention of how I want to feel at the end of the day is really settling for me.  What do I need to do during my day, to end my day with that feeling?

After finishing my beverage and morning writing and planning I take my shower, get dressed, do my hair and make-up. It’s mostly 10:00am by now.

Now, I’m ready for breakfast and  my first look at email and what’s happening in the world.

I’m sure many of you are saying, by 10;00am I’ve had a pot of coffee, three meetings, and two conference call.  Knowing we all don’t have three hours in the morning to spend on self-care.   My life and schedule are very different than most people.  I go into my office at 11:00am and get home around 8pm, that’s if I don’t have an event or activity keeping me out later..  However, I do understand the importance of self-care and a morning routine.

,Even if you only have ten minutes, utilizing those ten minutes to focus on your yourself and your needs can be a life changing process.  

You don’t have to write a gratitude journal, but spend a couple of minutes each morning thinking about what five positive things that happened in the last 24 hours your.  Start your day with a positive intention about how you want to feel at the end of the day.  Take five minutes, close your eyes and just breath.   Don’t reach for your phone, tablet or computer first think.  Take a minute or ten to center yourself on what your needs are before you take the needs of your family and the outside world.  Both you and they deserve the best you have to offer and that starts with any type of self-care morning routine  

Be Well!