Staying Stress-Free While Life is Stressful

To describe my fall of 2016 as stressful is an understatement of 2016.

I, Like everyone else, have a typical amount of stress in my life. I’m a business owner, community leader, friend, daughter, and wife.   However, this autumn has put my  practice of managing stress to the max.

A dear friend was diagnosis with cancer and passed away less than eight weeks later.  My mother-in-law fell and broke her hip requiring surgery and rehab.  To finish her recovery she stayed with my husband and I, at our house.   My best friend had a bicycling accident.  She required a six-hour emergency room visit, over 130 stitches and a couple days of hand holding.  Lastly, my own health issues regarding a long time diagnosis of Hashimoto Disease, which is an auto-immune disease affecting my Thyroid, flared up.   I’ve seen enough doctors, hospital and emergency rooms for this year.

Now with the arrival of the holiday seasons, life will only get more stressful with shopping, cooking, and other commitments added to my plate.

So what’s my plan to maintain my sanity and focus?  Here a few things.

  • Exercise – I do go to the gym, though not as often as I should.  My go to activity is walking.  I walk our very active Lakeland Terrier, every morning for an average of 2.5 miles.  It’s not high intensity, but it gets me outside and moving.   It’s also a time to think about my thoughts.  My guilty pleasure is playing golf, I love it – walking the course, chasing that little white ball!
  • Reading – Books, Blogs, Magazine, or whatever you like.  I read to escape, learn and relax.
  • Meditate – I meditate every night before I fall asleep.  If I wake up extra early I will add an additional meditation in the morning.  Do know how to meditate, spend a few minutes on your breath – in through your nose out through your mouth.  Each time you release your breath, relax your body.  It’s simple and powerful.
  • Spend time with Friends – I try and meet at least one friend for coffee, drink or a meal every week.  It keeps me in touch with my friends and makes me get out of my normal routine.  I also see these get-togethers as something to look forward too and positive events  in an otherwise routine week.
  • A Gratitude Journal –  List the things in your life that you’re grateful for.  Some days this will be easy because something wonderful has happened.  Other days it can be more difficult and you will need to work to make that list.   I typically suggest listing five things every day. Whether you choose to write on or just speak yours, it’s up to you.  I prefer writing, the physical process of putting those thoughts down on paper help me feel them.

These are just a few of the things I do when life is more stressful than typical.

If you’re finding yourself a little more stressed and want some support around building personal practice, let’s set up a Complimentary Coaching Session