13 ideas for the 13 weeks of Summer

The summer of 2017 is upon us.  We’ve just finished a three day Memorial Day weekend and now we are all ready for Summertime!

Why does it always seem these warm days go flying by with September arriving and everyone wondering, what happened to Summer?

Well, I’m here to help with a plan!

There are Thirteen Full weeks between today, Sunday, June 4 and Monday, September 5, 2017 – Labor Day.

Each week I’ll give you a couple of things you might consider doing that week to make your summer more memorable.

Let me start with-

13 Things you can do to enjoy your Summer.  

These things can be done once this summer or every week it’s really up to you

  1. Go to your local Farmer’s Market – Yes,  you can purchase amazingly fresh fruit and vegetables, but most markets also have craft items as well as other especially products like baked goods, cheese, meats, and fish.
  2. Get fresh cut flower, there is really no better time of year to have flowers.  So many are locally grown and the fragrance is so much better that the flower from the supermarket.
  3. Eat fresh local foods.  Each region of the country has seasonal fruits and vegetables.  There is nothing better than fresh fruit salad or grilled vegetable on your plate in the summer time!
  4. Try a meatless meal – like grilled vegetable over polenta or pizza on the grill with fresh tomatoes and herbs – yummy!
  5. Grill out and often – nothing says summer more than grilling out – whether steaks, chicken or veggies, summer grilling is where it’s at.
  6. Dine el fresco (outside) – one of the best parts of this time of year is enjoying dinner outside.  Desert under the stars is pretty sweet!
  7. Host an intimate dinner party for friends or maybe just the special someone.
  8. Enjoy a local festival or cultural event.  Festival are more popular now than ever before.  Go celebrate at a Greek, Polish or Latin Festival or enjoy a street fair.  Try something new, I bet you’ll have fun and eat some great food.
  9. Enjoy an evening of outdoor music.  You can find music in the park, on the street, heck put your own band together and play.   In the Summertime there is music everywhere and music is food for the soul, so eat it up.   Maybe you’ll even dance a little!
  10. Take at least one overnight road trip – it doesn’t have to be fancy or even that far, but little getaways are great for the psyche.
  11. Spend time in, on or around the water.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the Ocean, a lake or pool, but being around water is relaxing and very emotionally therapeutic.
  12. Spend some time in nature unplugged!  Take a hike, walk a trail, visit a park, but spend some time in the green lush world of mother nature.
  13. Make it a special point to see a sunrise and sunset this summer.  Pick a Sunday morning and make it special with a beautiful breakfast maybe a mimosa.  Take time to drive somewhere special and watch the sunset over another amazing day.

Got more ideas?

Send me a comment with what activities or events make it feel like summer for you?  I would love to read your ideas and enjoy my summertime even more!