The Beauty of Today

I was walking my dog this morning and took this photo.  This beauty was way at the top of a large five foot tall rose bush.  Later,  I looked at the photo realizing I also captured the dying rose in the The Beauty of lifebackground.    The dying rose caused a feeling of loss.  Last week when I passed this same bush I never noticed the now dying rose.  What else had I missed?

How many time do we walk or drive by beautiful things without paying attention or appreciating them?  Then I thought; The beauty of life is today right in front of me. I need to live in the beauty of today.  I can’t just live with the memories of yesterday or the promise of tomorrow.

Life can feel out of control with our to-do list, meetings, and appointments   It’s hard to stop and take time if it doesn’t feel  important. Trust me it’s  important, it may be the most important point in your day.  It’s a moment in time, that can never be repeated.  So yes,  you’ll create wonderful memories, but finding the beauty of life will make those memories richer and deeper.  I understand there is much to get done tomorrow, but finding the beauty today can help give you perspective for tomorrow.

So, take a moment and just stop.  Find something beautiful, something right in front of you.  Whether it’s a flower, the sunset or maybe your loving family.  Stop and look at how beautiful life is today.

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