Three Essential Questions to Answer for a Great 2018

Now that we are well into January, what are the essential questions to ask to make sure this is a great year?  Why ask the questions now?  The holidays are over and we are back into a regular schedule, so this is the perfect time to ask these questions!

These three questions are designed to cause you to reflect on what is truly important and where you should really be spending your time and energy.

1. Who are the most important people in your life?

You’ve got a list of your most important relationships listed.  Now, the question is, what are you going to grow and improve those relationships?  These are the people you most likely interact with daily. Nurturing and improving these relationships will only have a positive impact on your daily life over the next year.  So while you’re listing your personal goals for the new year.  What are your relationship goals?

2. If you knew you would be successful no matter what, what would you be doing?

Imagine no change of failure, what would you be doing this very minute?  What’s stopping you?  for many of us, it’s fear.  Fear of failure, embarrassment, disapproval, shame and even success!  Yes, people are fearful of success.  Understand what you truly want gives you a direction to head this year.  You may not arrive by December 31.  However, any steps or movement you make will feel empowering and help reduce your level of fear.

3. Are the Joy’s in life being overshadowed by the shoulds?

We all have a long list of things on our to-do list.  Some are truly important and need to get done that day.  Many items on the list are the things we things we should get done.   Here’s a question are there things on your to-do list that bring you Joy?  No, why not?  Doing things, even small things that bring us joy can improve our perspective as well open up new possibilities.   It’s amazing what happens when we do things that bring us pleasure, the should list changes.

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