Tips on Tuesday – How to Apply Foundation

Over the years, I have found the three best ways for me to apply foundation.

Each application process provides a different level of coverage and effect.

The first and the one we all have used is our finger. Yes, those ten little digits can be great a putting on a quick light covering of BB or CC cream. This is my go-to method for weekends, a day off or vacation. The creams are typically light and can give good coverage plus they come with SPF.

When using my fingers I use my ring and middle fingers – these are two of the weaker fingers so they aren’t a rough on your delicate facial skin. I use my pinky finger to work around my eyes.

The next applicator I use is my beauty blender. Now, I know not everyone has a beauty blender, so if you don’t have one, cosmetic sponges work just as well. The blenders are great for a medium coverage of foundation, so for work days, they are perfect.

You start by wetting the blender, squeeze out any excess water. Then just dip the blender into the foundation and stipple your face. Stippling is the dotting of the face with foundation repeatedly until the desired level of coverage is achieved

I use the large end for my forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and jaw and the smaller tip for around the eyes.

Blenders are also perfect covering any type of camouflages or concealers one might be wearing.

The last applicator I use in my Foundation Brush by Sigma Beauty. I love this brush; as a matter of fact my niece took mine with her back to college, so I had to get a new one.

This brush works great with liquid or cream foundations.

I typically dampen the brush, lightly dip the tip of the brush in the foundation and then apply to my face in a swirling motion. It provides great coverage quickly and because it applies the foundation lightly and evenly I can layer just the right amount of foundation I want.

I don’t recommend using a brush over camouflages and concealers as the swirling motion has a tendency to spread them around.

What’s your favorite way to apply foundation?
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