A Life by Design

Welcome to the Authentically Aejaie;  Living a Life of Personal Design.

Personally Designing your life is possible!

We are all unique with our own stories and journeys.  We all crave lives that are healthy, meaningful, and productive. What that looks like and feels like for each of us is different.  Also unique is how each of us will build our lives for ourselves.  So what in your dream life?

For me it came down to three things  –  Teaching, Learning and Creating.

Those three words established my belief that to be Authentic and True to myself they would always be part of my everyday life.   For me,  these are three important pillars of my life of personal design:   Teach what I know, Learn every day, Create for a better tomorrow.

What are the pillars that help you live a more meaningful and rewarding life every day?  Maybe one of your pillars is Fun, Peace, Build, Exercise, Relax, Dream or Love?  Whatever your pillar or pillars are they should be the building blocks you use to design your authentic and amazing life.

It doesn’t matter what those pillars are as long as you know they keep your balance, grounded,  and connected.

Our lives, like the world we live in, are in constant motion. Everything keeps moving forward; everything has changed from just a second ago.

Are you living your life Authentically?

This is the opportunity.  This is the time to put in the effort.

For most of us, living is like breathing.  It all happens within the course of our day and we simply go with the flow unconsciously.  This unconscious state develops into repetitive actions limiting our ability to teach, learn the lesson in the moment or a way create a more beautiful life.

However, when living our everyday lives becomes different, complicated, or difficult, then we really notice how out of balance we are.  We ask ourselves: how is this like other change I’ve dealt with? (teach); How can I prevent this from happening? (learn);   How can I move forward? (create).

This is where I want to assist you in creating a personally designed lifestyle you’ll love.   I want to help you find your moments to teach, your lessons to learn and create the most beautiful life you can imagine.

Are you ready to get started?  Find out how to work with me here!

An Important message

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