Wigs: Your Questions Answered, Human vs. Synthetic

I get asked questions about wigs all the time.  So I though today’s “Ask Aejaie” would be all about wigs!  Here are the questions I’ll answer in this post and podcast.

  • Should you buy a human hair wig or synthetic?
  • Why is there such a wide range in wig prices?
  • Which type of wig will last longer?
  • What kind of wig is best for beginners?
  • How do you find a good style and color wig?
Should you buy a human or synthetic Hair wig?

Well, that depends on you.   Human hair wigs are beautiful, but they require a lot of maintenance and upkeep.  Human hair wigs are just like the hair on your head.  Like the hair on your head, a human hair wig will gather dirt, oil, makeup, and odors like sweat and smoke.  They require regular maintenance – washing, conditioning, drying, and styling, just like the hair on your head.

Synthetic wigs on the other hand, because they are a man made product will not absorb dirt, oil, make-up and odors like Human Hair.  This means less maintenance.  A synthetic wig will still need to be dried and brushed, but washing, conditioning, and styling is a much easier and less frequent undertaking.

While you don’t want to mistreat either type of wig, the synthetic wig will be much more resilient to some improper handling.

Why is there such a wide range in wig prices?

The statement, you get what you pay for, has never been more true, than with wigs.   Synthetic wigs can range from $30 – $40 dollars up to $500 and $600.   Human Hair wigs range from the $700 to $3,000.

Yes, I know there are websites selling human hair for $60.00, but trust me it may not bargain you’re thinking it is.

Think of it this way, someone grew their hair, someone cut that hair, someone hand-tied that hair into a wig cap, then cut it, colored it, packaged it and put it on the internet for the same amount most women pay for just a  hair cut?

The price range with synthetic wigs is all about the quality of the cap and quality of the synthetic hair.

Styles of Caps:

  • Standard Wefted (Classic)
  • Capless or Open
  • Monofilament Top with 100% hand tied base
  • Monofilament Top
  • Double Monofilament Top
  • Monofilament Crown
  • Monofilament Part
  • 100% hand-tied
  • Lace front

Different Types of Synthetic Hair

  • Low-grade acrylic (least expensive)
  • Monofilament (standard wig hair)
  • Kanekalon (High quality wig hair)
  • Kanekalon w/ Futura fibers (Best quality and heat-resistant)

So a classic cap with low-grade acrylic hair is typically what we see selling around Halloween.

The classic cap with monofilament hair in the $100 – 200 range.

The Lace Front Cap with Kanekalon Hair $300 – $400.

what’s better for a Beginner and how long will a wig last?

I always recommend beginners start with a synthetic wig.  They are so much easier to care for and they will handle being mistreated better than a human hair wig.  A good synthetic wig costing $200.00 with proper care and storage should last well over a year, before showing wear.  A human hair wig with proper care can last about 3 years before showing wear.

The other nice thing about starting with a synthetic wig is after a year you might want to change hair styles. It’s easier on the wallet to try new styles and colors with a synthetic wig.

How do I find the right style and color?

Look for a shape and length that helps make your face look rounder.  Most clients have very strong features, use the styling of the wig to minimize those features.  Here is the most popular wig I sell

  • Strong Jawline – use soft layers sides.  long straight hair will make your jaw look stronger and square.
  • Large forehead or heavy brow – bangs, bangs and more bangs.  they help hide and soften the forehead and brow.   Anything parted down the middle will only emphasize both.

When it comes to color don’t assume your natural color is your best color.  Like makeup, we want to find a color that will compliment your skin tone.

We can all be blonde, it just a matter of whether you’re an ash blonde, strawberry blonde, golden blonde or platinum.

I hope this discussion on wigs has bee helpful and I look forward to more of your questions!  Here is a link to our best selling synthetic wigs.

Feel free to send me your questions.