Group Coaching

Group Coaching is about creating and intimate space for conversation.

Our group sessions are focused on exploring, discovery, learning, taking action and finally transforming ones-self.

We create an environment where individual growth is encouraged and supported by individuals who come together to create and build a community.

A major benefit of this type of coaching is the experiences of the other group members.  The insights and experience each member brings, help deep other members personal journey.  Building community during the coaching process is complete.

This style of coaching offers a wider and broader, rather than the deep-dive approach, used in the individual coaching process.  This style of coaching moves the spotlight off of anyone individual.  Take time process and reflect; while others are providing their personal insights and thoughts.

As a Transformational Specialist, Group Coaching is an opportunity to work with clients at different stages and use their experiences to assist others in their transition.  This type of Coaching offers a wider and broader, rather than the deep-dive approach used in the individual coaching process.

Coaching Clients are assigned to “Crews”.

Each Crew has a maximum of 5 clients.  Crews meet via the phone for one hour for five sessions held bi-weekly.  Clients also receive two thirty-minute private sessions; one before the group begins and one at the completion of the five sessions.

We are always setting up group coaching sessions.

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